On a personal or business level, is there a gap between how things are and how you want them to be? What do you want to change?

Any Education and Charity projects will attract a discount.
What suits your needs best?

Coaching Coaching

Coaching is normally for individuals who are looking to be happier, achieve a goal, make a change or find more balance in their life. The coaching process is about helping someone get from where they are to where they want to go.     

Training Training

Training, is teaching others a model, systems, mind-sets, frameworks and methodologies. It’s an explanation of your work to a group in a way that enables them to understand it and see how it will improve their current situation.

Consultancy Consultancy

Consulting is generally solving a specific problem for a specific client at a specific point in time based on a variety of data points and circumstances. It may also involve providing knowledge and guidance to move a business forward or to the next level.

The Way Forward

I like to ask people this question: If your fairy godmother appeared from a puff of smoke, waved her magic wand and announced: “Tomorrow you will win £40,000,000 on the lottery but there is one condition, you have to donate 40 hours per week to working in a job or a providing a service."  What would you do? If I won £40,000,000 I would continue to do what I am doing now for nothing.  Until then, I will continue to charge a little for my services!

What do you want to remove or improve in your life?

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Depression. How to get the help you need?

Depression. How to get the help you need?

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Why Your Brain is so Amazing

Why Your Brain is so Amazing

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Your brain controls everything you will ever do! How your body functions and moves, what you learn, remember, think and feel. Exercise can stimulate it, excess stress can inhibit its growth, sometimes it helps us, sometimes it can sabotage our best intentions.  What makes it and us so AMAZING is that we can choose the […]

6 Reasons Why People Don’t Change

6 Reasons Why People Don’t Change

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The organising principle of the brain is to minimise threat and maximise reward. Your brain is happiest when it can predict the future, that way it can best protect you. The Change process for the brain means uncertainty and when faced with what it can’t control it goes into a threat state. Blood flows to […]


The Emotional Intelligence course was brilliant, we all thoroughly enjoyed it, well done.


Thanks again for a brilliant two days.  As an Operations Manager I have attended a large number of team building/personal development courses over the year.  Most of which have been more costly, and delivered by ‘so called experts’.


Course was an eye opener on my approach and coaching team.  Will need time to fully digest lessons and implement new approach.