Time: The most precious thing available to us

Posted by on Jun 22, 2017 in Blog

Why your time is so precious.

I have spent a lot of my time working with people on goal planning and more recently work/life balance. The importance of this was brought home to me on the 26th of June. This is a date that I wish didn’t feature on my calendar as an anniversary, unfortunately, with the recent atrocities in London and Manchester this date has become even more entrenched in my mind than ever. On this day in 2015 alone gun man walked along a beach in Sousse and with grenades and bullets of hate, he prematurely ended the lives of 38 innocent people!!

I knew two of those people. They were my friends. A few weeks before they travelled to Sousse to celebrate a birthday, I had witnessed how happy this pair were and the love that they shared for each other. One danced care free as you do when you celebrate your 50th, the other offering encouragement and support as he always did.

Bill and Lisa, used their time well and deserved many more days. Their friends and family loved them dearly. They lived each moment for their daughter, Holly, and they live on in her. They live on in all of us including a wee Dachshund called Bailey. I can still hear Bill cracking bad jokes and know that Lisa still doesn’t find them funny!

Time is the most precious thing available to us. There are only 24 hours in every day; ultimately how you choose to use those 24 hours will decide how happy and fulfilled you will be? Use them wisely, the only thing we don’t know is how many of those 24 hours we will have.

Want to get more out of what you want from your 24hours?