Why Your Brain is so Amazing

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Your brain controls everything you will ever do! How your body functions and moves, what you learn, remember, think and feel.

Exercise can stimulate it, excess stress can inhibit its growth, sometimes it helps us, sometimes it can sabotage our best intentions.  What makes it and us so AMAZING is that we can choose the way we want it to be in the future. Learning how your brain functions allows you to better manage yourself and live a more fulfilled life.

Technology has changed significantly over the last 50 years, we understand more than ever before about how our brains actually work. Neurologists can now look at brain scans which tell the difference between normal and abnormal brain activity, this new knowledge provides more accurate information that allows surgery to be carried out that dramatically increases the quality of life of the patients. These technological advancements have also provided us with information as to how our brains interpret and make sense of the world around us, what we pay attention to and how our brain monitors, modifies and reappraises itself on a second to second basis.

There are about 100,000 chemical reactions going on in our brains every second. Almost all these chemicals are known as neurotransmitters which mean they help in passing and modulating signals between neurons and other cells. These chemicals decide how you feel, they contribute to your happiness but when there is an imbalance they can cause emotional distress and disturbances such as anxiety, irritability and sleep disorders which can lead to associated conditions like depression.

The adult brain is made up of 100 billion of these information processing neurons. The neurons communicate with each other by making connections called synapses. The network of connections among neurons create complex brain systems that control our actions, perceptions, feelings and thoughts. When you learn something new your brain changes and because we are continually learning new things the neurons are constantly changing the shape of our brain.

an image of neurons firing



An image of neurons firing: The brain learns best through repetition. We can use this knowledge to stop thinking and behaving one way and begin to think and act in another


Everything that you are or ever will be is a product of your brain. When we truly understand this amazing organ and how it works we can begin to focus our attention on choosing new experiences that will influence brain structure and brain function. By paying attention to and regulating our emotions we can ensure we avoid any interference and negative states along the way.

Humans alone can create a plan in their head, visualise it and make it happen, create or interpret a Picasso, pen or direct a Harry Potter. We can also learn to control our temper, remove a fear or phobia, choose more appropriate responses to any situation, learn how to better process, encode, store and retrieve information and ultimately improve our memories.

All of this from a 3lb mass of grey matter that uses about 20 watts, less power than a fridge light!

We must use this information to improve our social skills, our motivational skills, our states of mind, and our emotional responses. This will enable us to better manage our self and improve our relationships with others.

Whatever it is that is occupying your thoughts, keeping you awake at night, that dream or goal that always seems just out of your reach. You can achieve great things when you learn how to understand and use your brain to live the life you deserve!

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