What do you want to feel better about or improve in your life?

When people ask for help, they have something that they want to feel better about, a situation that needs improving or completely removing from their life. There is a gap between how their life actually is and how they would like it to be?

This is true on both a personal or organisational level: what do you want to do? be? or have?

I won’t suit everyone and not everyone will be a suitable match for me to help. This will be the case for every client, whether they are an individual or an organization. I offer a free 20-minute consultation or an informal chat, whatever suits your needs?
Education, Community and Charity are at the very core of my ethos. Any chargeable projects that fall under these headings will automatically attract a minimum of 50% discount of the normal fee!

On a personal or business level, is there a gap between how things are and how you want them to be? What do you want to change?

Any Education and Charity projects will attract a discount.

What suits your needs best?